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2022 05 02 Tribute to RMC Cadets
Asking Minister Joly to acknowledge the Canadian Armed Forces are amongst the best in the world

Asking Minister Joly to acknowledge the Canadian Armed Forces are amongst the best in the world

On 22 March 2022, I asked Minister Joly the following question: "Mr. Speaker, I and many other combat veterans were disappointed to hear the Minister of Foreign Affairs state that Canada 'is not a military power.' I have led some of Canada's finest warriors in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. I would like to educate the minister that Canada's success in 'making sure that diplomacy is happening' during global conflicts is predicated by our ability to back it up militarily. I am doubtful the minister will apologize, but will she acknowledge that Canadian Armed Forces personnel are among the best in the world and that Canada is a military power?" Minister Joly's response: "Mr. Speaker, obviously we support our men and women in uniform. That is exactly why I had the chance to go to Ukraine to meet with them through Operation Unifier, as well as in Latvia. At the same time, I find it a bit rich on the part of the Conservatives, as they reduced their military spending below 1% when they were in government, which was the lowest in 60 years. Of course, it will be a pleasure to work with my colleague, because the question of Ukraine is not a partisan question. It is a question that should unite us while people are—" Following this interaction in the Chamber, I sent the Minister a note and talked to her in the lobby afterwards. Where I simply asked her to listen to the question and if the question isn't partisan don't make it partisan to throw her staff prepared talking points in the garbage. I reiterated that all I was asking was for her public acknowledgment in the House of Commons that our Canadian Armed Forces personnel are amongst the best in world and that Canada is a military power. I then immediately filed with the Clerks a request for adjournment proceedings on this question with the Minister which I was granted a spot on 31 March. This video is off the subsequent for her response....
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